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'To get people to move,
you first need to know what moves them!'

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Unique, Quirky and New

Our method is based on Lencioni's theory and looks for the strength of the team.

Unique, because most other programs are aimed at the individual within the team (including training and coaching) and because Out of Area mainly starts looking for what the team does or does not move. 

Quirky, because in this way meaningful growth is developed, the team comes and stays in motion and the desired culture is guaranteed.

New, because you also look critically at investments and only want to follow meaningful programs. We ensure that the joint goal is achieved time and time again. In short, Out of Area represents a meaningful investment in your most important potential.

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Business Partners at Work


Out of Area is the founder of an innovative method for developing teams. The Method allows teams to grow in their strength to perform optimally. 

Out of Area integrates in its approach a number of contemporary techniques and methods that are used as a means to increase the effectiveness of the team and with that the success of the intended change.

A step-by-step plan is followed. In the first place, it is measured at individual and team level.

After that the data obtained is analyzed (know) and conclusions are drawn on the possibilities of the team (Best Approach).

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You know, based on the job requirements, what knowledge and skills the candidate must have.

Out of Area will talk to you to determine which personality traits are important and what role the new employee will have in a team.

Out of Area then offers several forms of assessments that depend on the following situations;

1. You have a candidate for the position and want to know if they are suitable.

2. You have several potential candidates for the position and want to know which one is most suitable. This concerns a group assessment (g-assessment) which selects the most suitable candidate.

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Out of Area uses the Belbin Self-perception Questionnaire for its approach. The outcome is an important component of the Out of Area Method. It not only contributes to mutual trust but also provides an overview of the growth opportunities of the team. 

Are you in possession of a password? Click on the button below for access to the questionnaire.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapy for people who continue to suffer from the consequences of a shocking experience.

Getting stuck in processing makes you feel, behave, think and react differently to your environment. You often notice that you do not feel well or your environment indicates this. You may not realize that the changes in yourself are related to the unresolved shocking event. It may be that the shocking event causes you to always have fearful images or thoughts about it, as a result of which you suffer from various complaints. EMDR is then a first-choice treatment to get rid of these complaints.

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