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Wheel of Change

At Out of Area B.V. we understand that change within a company does not follow a one-dimensional path. Companies strive for change for a variety of reasons, and we have developed programs that flexibly adapt to the unique needs of your organization.


Whether it concerns transforming a strongly hierarchical culture into a more flexible regime that embraces innovations, optimizing team performance, strengthening mutual trust, dealing effectively with conflict, defining collective goals, or establishing team codes - we have programs aimed at successfully implementing these changes.

In addition, we focus on creating psychological safety, resilience, flexibility and willingness to change within your organization. Our programs address themes such as group thinking, well-being (preventing burnouts), professional identity, self-leadership, empowering leadership and shared leadership.

Discover how our innovative approaches and tailor-made programs can transform and advance your organization. Together we create a resilient, flexible and future-proof working environment.

Wheel of Change

Enter the dynamic world of change with Out of Area B.V., where our innovative approach is reflected in our unique 'Wheel of Change'. Inspired by the groundbreaking theories of Patrick Lencioni and armed with the compass as our guiding tool, we effortlessly navigate the complex sea of business transformation. At Out of Area B.V. we understand that these topics are closely linked and influence each other. That's why our programs are designed to serve multiple purposes and prepare your business for a future full of challenges and opportunities.

In our 'Wheel of Change', the various causes and wishes for change come together as seamlessly connected topics. We challenge companies to join us, where each part represents a specific focus, from redefining culture to strengthening leadership.

The core of our 'Wheel of Change' lies in the in-depth knowledge of Patrick Lencioni's theories. We use his insights as the fuel that powers the engine of change. But it doesn't stop there. Our compass serves as the indispensable tool to determine the right course amid the complexity that change brings.

We believe in synchronizing these cogs and aligning the compass to deliver a holistic approach to change. At Out of Area B.V. it's not just about delivering programs; it's about unlocking the full potential of your organization.

Discover how our 'Wheel of Change' and compass can set your business on a new course, where change becomes not only inevitable, but exciting and transformative. Out of Area B.V. - where every turn is a step towards a future of unprecedented possibilities.

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